International Law Firm is represented in Kiev and regions of Ukraine. The head office of the law firm is located in Kiev. Experienced law firm attorneys specialize in criminal defense (criminal cases). Criminal cases of traffic accidents of both accused and victims are being carried out. Criminal defense of official misconduct such as abuse of power or office, abuse of power or office, office forgery, illicit enrichment, offer, promise or misappropriation, office negligence

Lawyers are entering the case both at the pre-trial stage and at the trial stage. Similarly, the participation of the adokat as a defense counsel during the trial of the appellate and cassation courts is ensured. Kyiv's attorneys provide for the preparation of appeals and representation at the European Court of Human Rights. Lawyers provide legal assistance during extradition both from the territory of Ukraine and into its territory. Lawyers for convicts assist in transferring them to serve their sentence in Ukraine

Legal services to enterprises, turnkey private entrepreneurs. Advising for a legal entity on legal issues. Representation of the enterprise in court, conducting claim work. Participation in negotiations on legal issues. Debt collection under construction works contracts, subcontracts, supply contracts, transportation contracts, etc. Settlement of conflict situations in relations with controlling bodies, authorities. Preparation of claims in the interests of the legal entity, preparation and submission of a response to the claim to the company. Support of execution of a court decision. Preparation of appeal and cassation appeal. Legal support of contracts execution. Intellectual property management of the enterprise. Preparation of an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of a legal entity.

Criminal defense

Lawyers in criminal proceedings as defense counsel at any stage of the pre-trial investigation. A criminal lawyer working in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast provides assistance as a defense counsel at the pre-trial stage, defending the client's lawyer in the court of first instance. Here you can find a lawyer to file an appeal to the Kyiv Court of Appeal in a criminal case. Preparation by a lawyer of a cassation appeal against a court verdict. Participation of a lawyer in the Supreme Court's consideration of a cassation appeal in a criminal case. Departure of the lawyer for detention. Preparation of an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights of the European Court of Human Rights in a criminal case. The lawyer's appeal against the decision to close the criminal proceedings. Lawyer's protection of the rights of victims in Kyiv. We provide free legal advice to a lawyer on certain criminal cases.

Lawyer Appeal court

Appeal clime

lawyer supreme court

Preparation by a lawyer in Kyiv and Kyiv region of a cassation appeal against the verdict of a local court or appellate court by which a person has been convicted. Lawyers provide study of criminal proceedings, acquaintance with materials of criminal proceedings. If you cannot come in person to the Supreme Court for cassation, you can order the participation of a Kyiv lawyer in the Supreme Court, representation of the client's interests in the court of cassation in a criminal case. We guarantee reliable protection in criminal proceedings.

european court of human rights Lawyer

If you are thinking where to find a lawyer to prepare an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights of the European Court of Human Rights, you can contact us. Our lawyers in Kyiv are certified by the Council of Europe to take courses on how to properly apply to the European Court of Human Rights, how to write an application for recognition by the European Court of Justice. In the world as a whole, 95% of appeals to the ECtHR are considered inadmissible. All our appeals are accepted by the court. Lawyers can prepare a successful appeal to the European Court of Justice in criminal cases, property cases, protection of the right to privacy and many others. Here you can find a lawyer to process the lawyer's materials on the existence of grounds for appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, preparation of appeals to the European Court of Human Rights. Preliminary consultation on the prospects of the case in the ECtHR is provided free of charge.

Kyiv's lawyers provide a study and analysis of your situation with a view to the prospects of applying to the European Court of Human Rights for violation of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Legal entities and public organizations are represented in the ECtHR.

extradition lawyer

Our extradition lawyers work both in Ukraine and around the world. Extradition lawyers are in Kyiv and Vinnytsia. Experienced lawyers for extraditions take part in the consideration of cases of extradition, the takeover of criminal proceedings from other states. In our legal center in Kiev you will find answers to the question what to do if detained abroad? how to prevent the extradition of a person at the request of another state? What documents are needed to transfer a person to serve a sentence in Ukraine? What are extradition checks and extradition detention? Our lawyers are challenging illegal court decisions to detain and allow a person to be extradited. We provide protection of the rights of persons detained in Ukraine. Preparation of an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights regarding the illegal extradition of a person to the territory of another state.

military lawyer

Military lawyers provide protection of the rights of servicemen in the case of an administrative offense, protection in a criminal case of a war crime. Find a military lawyer in Kyiv to appeal the order of dismissal from military service, to appeal the refusal of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to pay a lump sum in case of disability, injury to a serviceman. Appeal against the order to bring to disciplinary responsibility. In criminal cases, servicemen are provided with free advice.

In our law firm you can find a good accident lawyer who works in Kiev, Kiev region and throughout Ukraine. Lawyers for road accidents provide protection in cases of traffic accidents, in administrative cases under Articles 130, 124 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. Road Lawyers provide protection in court. If you need to prepare an appeal against a court decision in an administrative case, in a case under the protocol of a traffic accident - you to us. The lawyer protects victims of road accidents, appeals court decisions to the Court of Appeal. If you need a lawyer in a criminal case about a traffic accident, we have experienced defenders in road accident cases. We are preparing a petition for the appointment of commodity, forensic auto technical examination. Lawyers provide travel to the scene of the accident, to reproduce the situation and circumstances of the event. In some cases, lawyers in Kyiv are provided with free advice from a lawyer on road accident cases .

Where to find a lawyer in the case of an administrative offense? Our Legal Center, which is located in Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Lviv, provides reliable protection in cases of administrative offenses. Administrative offenses are related to traffic violations. Administrative report for violation of customs rules. Military administrative offense. Lawyers defend in court in cases of administrative offenses related to corruption. Untimely notification of a change in property status and others. Protection in the case of violation of labor legislation, labor protection legislation. Appeal against the act of state labor

Our Legal Center employs lawyers who have long specialized in defense in cases of corruption offenses. Protection is provided in cases of corruption and criminal offenses, as well as administrative offenses. Cases of violations in declaring income, late submission of applications for changes in property status. Crimes of corruption such as abuse of power and official position, forgery, misappropriation of funds with abuse of office, abuse of power, etc. Lawyer for corruption cases of bribery, misappropriation, abuse of influence and other corruption crimes. Preparation of protection strategy, appeal of the chosen measure of restraint, appeal of the verdict and decision on seizure of property Preparation of an appeal or cassation appeal against the court verdict, Representation of the client's interests in cases of corruption administrative offenses. Legal advice on filing declarations and other issues related to corruption.

You can contact us for consumer protection in Kyiv and Kyiv region. Protection of consumer rights in the performance of works, provision of services. consumer representation in court. Collection of penalties for violation of consumer rights. Consumer protection in construction. Elimination of construction deficiencies, collection of penalties for substandard goods, late commissioning of the house. Misleading the seller about the quality of the goods. Consumer protection lawyers provide legal advice.

If you are worried about where to find a good family lawyer, let's try to work with banners. We have extensive experience in resolving family disputes. Divorce cases, preparation of a divorce application. Resolving the issue of the child's place of residence. Setting the time of visits of the father with the child or mother. Recovery of child support. Increasing the amount of alimony. Recovery of alimony for parental support. Division of property of spouses, preparation of a claim for division of property, appeal of illegal decisions. Conducting pre-trial negotiations on the division of property, settlement of conflict issues.

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