The military lawyers of our legal center have extensive experience in resolving various cases related to military service. This applies to military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as in other military formations (State Border Guard Service, National Guard, State Transport Service, etc.). explanations for a possible offense. Also, a professional lawyer provides highly qualified protection when considering a case of an administrative offense by a court. Our military lawyers accompany the consideration of the case in court, if necessary, ensure the preparation of an appeal against an illegal decision in the case of a military administrative offense.

  • Refusal to comply with the legal requirements of the commander (chief)

  • Unauthorized leaving the place of service for up to three days

  • Careless destruction or damage to weapons, ammunition, vehicles, military and special equipment or other military property

  • Illegal use of vehicles, structures or other military property by a military official, use of a serviceman for non-military service, as well as other abuse of power or official position committed for selfish purposes or in other personal interests or in the interests of third parties persons

  • Excess of power or official authority by a military official, ie intentional commission of actions that clearly go beyond the rights or powers granted to this person

  • Careless attitude of a military official to military service

  • Intentional failure to take measures to terminate a criminal offense committed by a subordinate or failure of a military official to notify the pre-trial investigation body of a subordinate who has committed a criminal offense, as well as other intentional non-performance by a military official of his duties

  • Violation of the rules of combat duty (combat service), established for the timely detection and repulse of a sudden attack on Ukraine or for the protection and security of Ukraine

  • Violation of the rules of border service by a person who is a member of the order for the protection of the state border of Ukraine

  • Violation of the rules of handling weapons, as well as ammunition, explosives, other substances and objects that pose an increased danger to the environment, as well as radioactive materials

  • Drinking alcoholic, low-alcohol beverages or the use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues by servicemen, conscripts and reservists during meetings on the territory of military units, military facilities, or the appearance of such persons on the territory of a military unit in a state of intoxication drug or other intoxication, or their performance of military service in a state of intoxication, in a state of narcotic or other intoxication, as well as the refusal of such persons to undergo an examination for alcohol, drugs or other intoxication

  • Participation of commanders and other leaders in drinking with subordinate servicemen, as well as conscripts and reservists during the collection of alcoholic, low-alcohol beverages or the use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues in the performance of their military service, or failure to take measures to remove from duty military service of persons who are intoxicated, drug or other intoxicated, or concealment of cases of drinking alcohol, low-alcohol beverages, use of drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues, appearance on the territory of the military units intoxicated, intoxicated or intoxicated by subordinate servicemen, as well as conscripts and reservists during the meeting

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