Qualified Lawyers have significant experience in representing a Legal Entity in court. Tax disputes before the recovery of debts under international contracts. You can ask any question, whether it is a labor dispute or an appeal against the decision of the supervisory authority, and we will find the right solution. You report the problem to us, we analyze the prospects for solving the problem and discuss it with you. Based on the results of the preliminary analysis of the documentation, we form the price for legal services. Usually we find a middle ground that will suit everyone.

Here are some categories of cases that our law firm deals with:

  • obligation of the SFS of Ukraine to provide the technical possibility of registration of tax invoices in the ERPN

  • recognition of illegal and cancellation of tax notices-decisions

  • recognition of illegal and cancellation of the decision on adjustment of customs value

  • on collection of a penalty from the State Budget of Ukraine in favor of LLC for late reimbursement of value added tax at the level of 120 percent of the discount rate of the National Bank of Ukraine

  • recognition of illegal and cancellation of the order of the Main Department of the SFS "On conducting unscheduled documentary on-site inspection" of the Private Enterprise on compliance with tax legislation in the implementation of financial and economic relations with LLC for value added tax for the year and LLC;

  • recognition of illegal actions of the Main Department of the SFS on conducting an unscheduled documentary on-site inspection of a private enterprise on the basis of an order of the Main Department of the SFS

  • recognition of illegal and cancellation of the tax notice-decision

  • appeal against the collection of administrative and economic sanctions and fines for violation of the terms of payment of administrative and economic sanctions

  • appeal against decisions and actions of the State Customs Service and its bodies to determine the customs value of goods

  • On determining the product code according to UKT FEA

  • Appeal of the card of refusal in customs registration

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