Debt collection

Our law firm, whose offices are located in Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Lviv, provides services to enterprises of all organizational forms (LLC, PJSC, FOP, PE and others) to collect debts under contracts with state-owned enterprises with executive authorities. Experienced lawyers provide the preparation of claim documents, carts to court, appeals and cassation appeals. We represent the interests of legal entities in courts of all instances. Our Council of Europe Certified Lawyers professionally prepare appeals to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of legal entities and individuals about violations of the rights guaranteed by the Convention.
  • Conducting turnkey claims and claims work under agreements with executive authorities, enterprises, organizations of all forms of ownership, including:

    • Debt collection from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, military units, Commands under construction contracts

    • Debt collection from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine under supply contracts

    • Preparation of a response to the statement of claim of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on debt collection from the enterprise under contracts (construction, supply, contract, transportation, performance of works, etc.)

    • Debt collection under supply agreements with Ministries, institutions, organizations of all forms of ownership

  • Appeal against the decision to impose a fine under work contracts

  • Conducting claim work at the turnkey enterprise

  • Collection of 3% per annum for delay in fulfillment of obligations

  • Recovery of inflation for late fulfillment of monetary obligations

  • Appeal against acts of inspection of controlling bodies during the execution of agreements with executive bodies

  • Representation of the enterprise by a lawyer in court

  • Provision of representation of a legal entity in a court of appeal by a lawyer

  • Participation of a lawyer as a representative of a legal entity in the Supreme Court

  • Preparation of an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of a legal entity

  • Defense by a lawyer in criminal proceedings on charges related to the performance of contractual obligations

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